5 reasons SMEs of Kuwait are investing in Custom Websites 

Studies found that 80% of websites have similar UI and UX. These websites are categorized as template websites. So, when a potential customer visits the website, it becomes difficult for them to form a credible image for business.

In Kuwait, this was a big problem for SMEs because despite a large percentage of the total business of the country’s lack of credible discoverability they were unable to accelerate their contribution to GDP and growth for the business.

Emerging SMEs understood this big gap in online experience and started to prefer custom websites to offer a polished and professional experience to visitors.

What is a Custom Website?

As the name suggests, a custom website is conceptualized and built to offer a unique branding experience for businesses and visitors. This includes researching their behaviour, device type, visual preference and much more.

With custom websites, businesses find it easy to build credible discoverability online. Studies highlight that the frequency of repeat customers is 60% higher than the template websites.

Let’s look at 5 other reasons for investing in a custom website.

Brand Showcase

Template websites only work as navigators to different pages. It fails to engage your potential customer with the experience, they should have to decide their purchase. Custom web designers offer a detailed mock-up of how your website will enhance the end-user experience. This gives an approach to revisions and tweaks to offer more personalized branding to the end-user.

Improve SEO and traffic

Studies found that 93% of first website visits start with the search engine. Custom websites are built with SEO friendly codes that offer enhanced visibility over similar-looking template websites.

Over time, these codes direct the traffic to the website, giving more opportunities for businesses to engage a potential target audience.

Boost ROI

Return on investment is a key parameter to defining a successful online presence. Studies show a template website never attains optimum ROI. With custom websites, businesses have reported a 30% increase in ROI within a few months of live presence.

The reason why a custom website offers fast ROI is the idea of smoothing the customer’s journey from the first stage to the last stage of the sales funnel. These typically aim for navigating a customer’s visit for awareness to actions.

Design and Strategy

Template websites come with specific designs which are not optimized for audience preference, which is a major cause of large bounce rates (Website visits without any actions)

Web design experts like Techbiz solutions answer tough questions for you. Who is your audience? What are their pain points? This helps businesses and web designers to finalize specific designs and strategies to optimize pages audience visiting experience.

Ownership and Control

A custom website gives true ownership of web design and codes built over understanding your business needs. A custom website offers flexibility to change according to evolving business requirements.

In the case of template websites, the business can’t have control of codes and often codes used for such websites are not optimized with visitors’ needs and activity patterns.


A custom website can be seen as a big investment initially, but for SMEs, a credible brand presence is the only solution to sustain in a hyper-competitive market. The overall benefits and value offered by custom websites will always remain ahead of template websites.

Over the years we at Techbiz solutions have worked with the fundamental vision of – Plan, Implementing and Launching the best for clients’ present and emerging needs.

Our experts are on a mission to create a world of credible websites. To find out more visit us here.

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