Customer Feedback System Helps  customers to make your business and to keep them happy is the biggest challenge. Customer feedback System enables you to improve and measure customer satisfaction. The software also assists you in acknowledging the customers which are not happy from your services by taking their valuable feedback. This will also help you in knowing the platforms where improvement is required.The Customer can Customize a set of simple inquiries like, “how do you rate your visit?” By asking direct questions, you can directly align feedback input with actual, measurable operations data. Those impressions augment other customer experience management and queuing system statistics..

Customer Feedback System get Optimum response rates ,Measurable, actionable data, Smart review generation

  • Optimum response rates. Sync survey requests with your CRM so that new customers get immediate feedback requests — or optimize your requests based on channel, time of day, or business location.
  • Measurable, actionable data. Parse your survey data with ReviewTrackers’ dashboard. Compare text responses and NPS scores with external feedback on review sites. Group and parse based on location, region, or topic.
  • Smart review generation. Our Smart Suggest feature identifies the sites where you can benefit from getting more reviews and automatically routes your customers to the sites where their review will have the biggest impact.

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